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There are many different ministries here in La Mision.  Here are a few of our favorites and in some cases those we partner with. You can click on the picture to go to any of their web sites.  

Morning by Morning is an arts ministry serving areas of North Baja.  They teach guitar on an ongoing basis at the skill center and in the winter they teach the preschool kids dance so they can preform in the community Nutcracker at Christmas time.

Rancho Lupita not far from us does horseback riding lessons and specializes in horse therapy for children with disabilities.

Siloe' Ministries is the local medical clinic.  without whom this community would not thrive as it does.  They keep not only the indigenous people well but all of us missionaries too.

Templo Christiano Elim is our home church.  They have sound doctrine a heart for missions in their own country, and are welcoming to all.

S.O.W. ministries do exactly what they say.  They serve orphans and widows.  They are an American nonprofit that filters funds for Americans wanting to donate to Mexican people or organizations that have no 501-c3 status.  They also have an orphanage in the works.

Open Arms is the local free daycare.  Their missions is "keeping families together".  They do this by taking children of single parents during working hours so the mothers are not resorted to taking their children to an orphanage.

Rancho Libertad has both a woman's and a men's rehab here in our community.  They are one and two of three rehabs the other has not web presence.

Door of Faith is one of the most well run orphanages in all of Baja.  They are big supporters of us and we both share a love for helping our community.

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